Going Ductless With

Rick and Jane

Freed from a life of discomfort, she tosses her old heat systems out the window.
Watching the game in the house, he is just happy that Jane isn’t throwing his stuff out the window.
The morning after Airrow Heating installed Rick and Jane’s heat pump:
Wall Heater and Baseboards
No more dangerous, noisy, and EXPENSIVE heat.
Wood / gas / pellet Stove
No more dirty smelly mess. No more packing bags of pellets or splitting wood.
Air conditioning is a standard high efficiency feature.
Forced Air
No more duct cleaning our dirty outside air from the attic or crawl space.
Portable plug in heaters
If you are using portable heaters to heat then you can qualify for the rebates too.

As an approved trade ally contractor of Energy Trust of Oregon, we are qualified to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of your home.